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International relations

The Faculty of Law of the Trnava University in Trnava as one of the first Slovak law faculties became a member of the European Law Faculties Association (“ELFA”) in August 2005.

At present, more than 200 European law faculties are associated in ELFA. European Journal of Legal Education is published by ELFA. For further information, see Our Faculty participated as a new member of ELFA, in the ELFA general assembly in Leuven in 2006.

The objective of ELFA is to contribute to creating closer relations between European law faculties. The means to achieve this objective are determined by the possibilities of law faculties as institutions with a specific educational and scientific purpose. The achievement of this objective requires supporting modern conceptions of legal education in Europe, facilitating participation of European law faculties in various European programmes, helping to redefine the role of universities, their accreditation and quality as principal conceptions of the Bologna process and finally finding effective means of formation of teachers and students.

For this purpose, ELFA is active in the field of publications and conferences.

In the 21st century’s Europe, an isolated approach of individual law faculties would lead to stagnation. The idea of a close cooperation between educational and scientific institutions in the relevant scientific branch allows teachers and students to exchange information and to develop their activities under similar specific conditions. The Law Faculty of the TrnavaUniversity will be, beyond doubt, able to profit from this integration process and to make its own contribution to this process.