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Fórum mladých leadrov - Slovinsko

Milé študentky, milí študenti,
dávame Vám do pozornosti tzv. Fórum mladých leadrov, ktoré sa uskutoční v Slovinsku na konci augusta.
Hlásiť sa môžu študenti vo veku 18-35 rokov. Organizátor uhrádza náklady účasti.

Prihlásiť sa možno do 12. júna.
Bližšie informácie nájdete v pozvánke od organizátora:
The Young BSF represents a yearly conference, capacity building and networking opportunity organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective devoted to young leaders, who participate in live activities at Bled, Slovenia. The application process for the event taking place from August 26th until August 28th 2022 at Ljubljana and Bled Slovenia (continuing within the activities of the Bled Strategic Forum between 29th and 30th of August) has begun. The Young BSF programme supports increased cooperation with academia organisations, universities and other knowledge providers (both in the effort to guarantee mobility opportunities and programmes of informal capacity building reach eager young leaders and academics, as well as within the joint preparation of comprehensive programme activities).


·        Discover Young BSF 2021 in the short recap video: Link to Youtube video

·        More information about the programme (both BSF and Young BSF) can be found on the  BSF webpage: Link to Bled Strategic Forum Webpage

·        WHO CAN APPLY: Young active citizens age 18-35 Link to Young BSF 2022 Application form ( ) Please be advised, that some of the online communication might still disclose the application period to finish on June 6th 2022. The period has been prolonged for an additional week until the end of Sunday June 12. 2022

·        WHAT COSTS ARE COVERED WITHIN THE PROGRAMME: accommodation (During the Young BSF and Bled Strategic Forum), food, travel costs upon request (with grants determined and granted to participants 

·        FORMAT: 3-day intensive capacity building, training, discussion, networking opportunity within the Young BSF and participation within the Bled Strategic Forum, one of the biggest international conferences within Central and South-East Europe. 

·        TOPICS INCLUDED: topics specifically relevant to youth (mobility, education, vocational training…) and the support for the involvement of youth in decision making on global challenges (sustainability and green transformation, foreign policy, geopolitics, security, cross-border cooperation, multilateralism, digital resilience, challenge of debunking disinformation, support for free media and just society, diversity, …)

·        One pager describing Young BSF: Link to Young BSF onepager

·        EUSDR Priority Area 10 webpage: Link to EUSDR PA-10 Webpage